Monday, May 9, 2011

When my mom passed away

I was beside myself with grief. She was sick off and on throughout my whole life, and I always miss her more around holidays. So for Mother's Day this year, in honor of what a wonderful woman she was and what strength she yielded during her life I wanted to share this poem I wrote for her funeral.

Your smile was like a rainbow
Lighting up the sky
Your laughter was contagious
That, no one could deny

You touched so many lives
In your time here with us
Compassion filled your heart
With love, honor, and trust

Your body was wounded
But your soul full of life
You took your last breath
As a daughter, mother, and wife

At first I was afraid
That you might not have known
How much you were loved
And you might feel alone

But then I remembered
You're in a better place
No more tears, no more pain
Safe in God's embrace

One day we'll meet again
You'll lead me to heaven's door
We'll smile, laugh, and dance
Just like we did before

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