Saturday, April 23, 2011


So maybe I'm a little "obsessive" about things being done my way. And, maybe that makes me a little "compulsive" when I attempt to fix things the way I like them. But, is that really a "disorder" if my way is better than yours?

Friday, April 15, 2011

I was just remembering....

One of the funniest first impressions I think my sister ever made, when we crossed paths at my mom's house.  My ex and I were standing outside, waiting for her to arrive. All of the sudden, a small red car peels into the driveway.

My sister jumps out, grabs a bottle of something and starts spraying her car ferociously, while screaming "Die Bitches! DIE!"

I cock my head to the side, and I glance over at my ex. He is looking at her as though he was watching some insane mating ritual on the Discovery Channel.

I turn back to watch my sister, she finally slams her door, and runs her fingers through her hair. Then she puts on her sunglasses and walks over like she's about to do a red carpet interview. I ask her if she's alright. She looks over the top rim of her sunglasses, and says "an army of ants invaded my car, they were biting me all the way here." I started laughing. And, that's how you make a first impression.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I take it back

There was a moment not long ago, yesterday in fact when I thought maybe my kids were a tad bit spoiled. (Of course if someone else were to point that out? "Them's fighting words!") It may have something to do with the fact that as soon as I mentioned I needed to go to the store to grab a few essentials, my 7 yr. old son was all "Mommy I want a toy!".

Me- "Do you think you deserve a toy?" (Recalling earlier today he'd gotten in trouble at school, again. He and his teacher disagree on the value of schoolwork vs play time.)

Him- "Yes" (with a smile)

Me- "I don't think so. You got in trouble." (with my usual raised eyebrow")

Him- "But, I still have two dollars I can buy my own, remember?" (way to break out the negotiating skills kiddo, too bad you spent that last week.)

Me-"You don't have two dollars, you played video games at Walmart, remember?" (and of course the usual pout ensued)

So off to the store we went, I grabbed my things quickly. As we rounded the corner headed to the checkout, we were passing the toy aisle. I glanced over at my son who was longingly gazing at the toys (I felt a twinge of guilt, but held my ground). Then I noticed a sweet little boy with curls atop his head. He reminded me of my youngest before his Nanny took him to the barber and chopped them off. (I was upset I don't care if he looked girly, he was my little cherub, dammit)

I smiled at him, and thought it was sweet how he was tugging on his Mommy's shirt, politely asking for a toy (he looked to have been about 3 or 4) That was until........

She said "No.", and the demon in him came out before my very eyes. He kicked her in the shin, and ran up and down the aisle screaming "Toy! TOY! TOY!!!" I was horrified. For her. For mothers everywhere.

I recalled the conversation in the car where my son said "Please Mommy, can I have a toy?" about 15 times on the way to the store.

That's when I turned to my son and said...."about that toy...."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

True Blood

This series is based on the Southern Vampire Series aka Sookie Stackhouse Novels by Charlaine Harris. I have in fact read all of the books , and they are written with imagination and southern flavor that could only belong to Charlaine. Both shocking and inviting, filled with vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures these novels are paramount for urban fantasy. 

The show however, plays out a little differently than the books. Despite the difference the show like the books is addictive. Like Vampire blood for the soul. Or chocolate. Alan Ball has brought his own creative genius to HBO with True Blood. 

The action takes place in Bon Temps, where we meet Sookie Stackhouse (played by Anna Paquin) a telepathic waitress at Merlotte's. She is sassy, loyal, kind, and determined to take care of herself. Unfortunately she's suffered a lot of loss, her parents died when she was young, her Gran (played by Lois Smith) was murdered by the vampire hating psycho Rene in season one. Most people don't know what to make of her because they know she's different, but not sure how. But now some vampires know more about her, and they're going to try and use that to their advantage. 

The vampires have come out of the closet, scoring fans and haters alike. She falls for a vampire named Bill Compton (played by Stephen Moyer), the fact that she can't hear his thoughts as opposed to the constant "blah blah blah" is a welcomed retreat for her. He is a mix of southern charm and danger which both excites and concerns Sookie and me. The way he says her name just sticks with you. So, when anyone else says it. It's just not right. He has to say it. Except, in one episode where she's imitating him saying it. That was funny and pretty darn close. Basically though, they have chemistry, romance, and some major issues when it comes to honesty and she doesn't like being kept in the dark. 

I think Jason Stackhouse (played by Ryan Kwanten) lacks common sense sometimes, but you can't help but be charmed by his "dopey" antics.

 Sookie's best friend Tara Thornton (played by Rutina Wesley) has been through some serious hell. Alchoholic mother, maenad psycho mentor, boyfriend was murdered, and she was kidnapped by a sociopath vampire. No wonder she's so bitchy. 

Then there's Sam Merlotte (played by Sam Trammell), the owner of the bar where some of the cast either works, or frequents. He is a shapeshifter, which is pretty awesome on its own. He's been in love with Sookie for a long time, but for now accepts that its not going to happen. He's just met his real family. They are quite something, something he should have left alone. 

One of my favorite characters is Tara's cousin Lafayette (played by Nelsan Ellis) he is as sarcastic as they come. He cracks me up, His body language, his pazazz, and his "Deal with It" attitude. Yeah, he owns who he is. Finally, it seems like he has found a little more than a boy toy in his mother's nurse Jesus. He was also kidnapped by a vampire, that family has no luck. 

Then there is Eric (played by Alexander Skarsgard) vampire Sherrif of Area 5, owner of Fangtasia, and viking in his former life. He has become infatuated with Sookie. He is one fine specimen of a vampire. This man reeks of testosterone. He knows what he's got, and he uses every bit of it to his advantage especially to avenge his murdered family. 

Finally, for the moment anyway, there is Pam (played by Kristin Bauer) this vamp is stone cold awesome. Eric is her maker, and she would do anything for him. I think she packs an invisible whip because she dominates her role with ease. 

  Season 1 captivated my interest and held it through to the end. I must say I wasn't all that psyched about the Maryann plot (The actress Michelle Forbes did fine, I just wanted to kill her character myself many episodes before she finally bit it), thankfully there was the dash of Godric storyline meshed in there that saved season 2 for me. Season 3 however? Rocked. I love the whole mix/mash up of weres/vampires. In fact, Russel Edgington (Denis O'Hare) was superb, even though he went a bit "Jack the Ripper" after his soul mate died. 

There are so many characters in this show that I adore. I think that's one of the reasons I love this show. You find compassion for characters you shouldn't. Relevance for ones that are normally just cast off and forgotten. The plot is constantly evolving into something bigger and better.  And you just can't wait for a taste of the next season.

The Vampire Diaries

I haven't read the books. I am however an avid fan of the show. Ian Somerhalder brings the best degree of wicked yet charismatic, sexy, dominating with a pinch of self loathing version of yum to his character Damon Salvatore. I love him. I hate the things he does, except when his humanity is at play. Paul Wesley is just as convincing with his brooding, polite, romantic, charming character Stefan Salvatore. He would do anything for Elena, the problem is it seems his brother will now as well. Nina Dobrev brings double the pleasure as she not only plays Elena Gilbert the sweet, loyal, vulnerable yet defiant, girl next door but also Katherine Pierce the selfish, callous, vampire you love to hate. (The same vampire that turned both Damon and Stefan long ago) This girl has some great acting chops! Candice Accola plays Caroline Forbes. At first look, she seemed self absorbed, yet unsure of herself, but since then she was turned into a vampire thanks to Katherine. Oddly enough, I think her being a vampire has given her more of a sense of purpose, and more faith in herself. Then there is Kat Graham who plays Bonnie Bennett the resident witch. At first she dabbled in some parlor tricks, but now she's holding some immense power but will they hold immense repercussions?? This show centers around Elena and the Salvatore Brothers and her family and friends. Although originally the brothers showed up in Mystic Falls once again for very separate reasons (Stefan to meet Elena, and Damon to free Katherine from her tomb), they have now regained some sense of brotherhood and are at the moment shooting for the same cause. Defying the odds and protecting Elena from Klause an original vampire with his own agenda. This show if full of action, mystery, excitement, romance, and leaves you begging for more. Definite much watch!

Twilight Series

Okay I have read all the books, and was completely engrossed in the pages. I have seen all the films as of yet, and I believe that each one got better. I am totally curious about how they are going to play out certain scenes in the movie that are in Breaking Dawn (the only book that had some "weird" moments for me, but some killer action) I don't want to go into specifics for those who haven't read or seen the movies yet. But really?? How will they pull it off? I think Stephanie Meyer put her own unique spin on vampires and werewolves and it paid off. I am as equally impressed with the cast that was chosen for the movies. Although I might not picture vampires sparkling in the sunlight myself, I am totally open to a new view on things as seen from the author's mind and Bella's eyes in these novels. Well done, Stephanie. Well done.

I know there's a big debate with Team Jacob or Team Edward. But, from the beginning I knew it was always Edward (played by Robert Pattinson) and Bella (played by Kristen Stewart). I just wish Bella had a sister for Jacob (played by Taylor Lautner), because even though I'm Team Edward part of me still rooted for the forlorn Jacob. Really you just want to be Bella. A handsome, vampire willing to die to protect you. Maybe not so much where you felt like dying because he left you (trying to keep you safe somehow) but then you find out why Jacob is so alluring during Edward's absense. Two for the price of one. I still laugh at the "Doesn't he own a shirt?" comment from Edward regarding Jacob. (He was looking rather ripped I must say)

I just fell in love with the Cullens altogether. Alice (played by Ashley Greene) is great. Her bubbly personality and quirky ways make me wish she was my bff. I was glad to see that Jasper (played by Jackson Rathbone) got a little more screen time in Eclipse. He seemed kinda constipated in the first film (but I suppose if I was trying to control my blood thirst I wouldn't look too hot either). However, I found him much more..dare I say? human in the next couple of films. Sometimes, a little back story and some action go a long way. Carlisle (played by Peter Facinelli) and Esme (played by Elizabeth Reaser) are perfect as the "adoptive parents" of these vampires who have all quit drinking human blood. I'm still kind of on the fence about Rosalie (played by Nikki Reed). But, I think Emmett (played by Kellan Lutz) has proven himself. Also, Charlie Swan (played by Billy Burke), Bella's father is a delightful mix of small town police chief trying to be a father to his now teenage daughter. He may need to work on a few things. But he does make the effort, plus he keeps Edward on his toes. The wolf pack and the Cullens are actually rather dynamic working together, when they face off with Victoria, Riley and her army of newborn vamps.

They each bring their own special something, and anything that makes me feel connected to a character is definitely worth the read or the watch.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yea, I'll get right on that

So today, I was having a nifty conversation with a friend about our children n such, when she asked me if I wanted a pen pal. I was thinking, (granted we talk on the phone, we text, our kids play together) but I really don't feel the need to write each other as well. And, is this one of those "aha" moments I seem to miss sometimes??  I need a Scooby snack while I mull that over. So, I said "umm not really". Apparently, her bf who is currently in jail because he got caught sticking his hand in the cookie jar as I like to put it, has new found friends in there that are lonely and asked  him if he could see if his woman (She writes him daily, despite my advice that she should find someone more worthy..women what do they know anyhow?? As much as men do, we're all flawed for a reason. Humor. Own it.) would hook them up with a pen pal. At this point, I'm mildly flattered that she thinks my penmanship is inspiring and a tad insulted that when she thought of her single friends who might be interested she picked me. So being the humanitarian I am, I just assumed they were all in there for some hideous crime and said "Forget about it!" But, then I further thought about the situation and I felt my alter ego "Ms Inflatable pen pal Extraordinare" call forth, mind you she's a southern belle because well..... it just works that way. And, my intrigue was piqued. Oh, the hilarity that could ensue....So, I ask you......To Do...Or Not to Do? That is the survey question. What is your final answer?