Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yea, I'll get right on that

So today, I was having a nifty conversation with a friend about our children n such, when she asked me if I wanted a pen pal. I was thinking, (granted we talk on the phone, we text, our kids play together) but I really don't feel the need to write each other as well. And, is this one of those "aha" moments I seem to miss sometimes??  I need a Scooby snack while I mull that over. So, I said "umm not really". Apparently, her bf who is currently in jail because he got caught sticking his hand in the cookie jar as I like to put it, has new found friends in there that are lonely and asked  him if he could see if his woman (She writes him daily, despite my advice that she should find someone more worthy..women what do they know anyhow?? As much as men do, we're all flawed for a reason. Humor. Own it.) would hook them up with a pen pal. At this point, I'm mildly flattered that she thinks my penmanship is inspiring and a tad insulted that when she thought of her single friends who might be interested she picked me. So being the humanitarian I am, I just assumed they were all in there for some hideous crime and said "Forget about it!" But, then I further thought about the situation and I felt my alter ego "Ms Inflatable pen pal Extraordinare" call forth, mind you she's a southern belle because well..... it just works that way. And, my intrigue was piqued. Oh, the hilarity that could ensue....So, I ask you......To Do...Or Not to Do? That is the survey question. What is your final answer?


  1. HAH! I'm thinking that you SHOULD just for the hilarity that might ensue. But, to be blunt - I only would do it if you have a PO Box. Otherwise, it may not be a great idea. That's the practical side of me jumping in..

  2. But of course, no stalkers for me thank you. I think I'll use her address. Fair is fair. lol

  3. Oh DO! Serious blog fodder. Mostly because I guarantee they'd have no farking clue what the hell they were reading. LMAO

    Wait...was that stereotypical? Meh....if the fooo shits.

    Me thinks it would be fun. For awhile anyway....