Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Vampire Diaries

I haven't read the books. I am however an avid fan of the show. Ian Somerhalder brings the best degree of wicked yet charismatic, sexy, dominating with a pinch of self loathing version of yum to his character Damon Salvatore. I love him. I hate the things he does, except when his humanity is at play. Paul Wesley is just as convincing with his brooding, polite, romantic, charming character Stefan Salvatore. He would do anything for Elena, the problem is it seems his brother will now as well. Nina Dobrev brings double the pleasure as she not only plays Elena Gilbert the sweet, loyal, vulnerable yet defiant, girl next door but also Katherine Pierce the selfish, callous, vampire you love to hate. (The same vampire that turned both Damon and Stefan long ago) This girl has some great acting chops! Candice Accola plays Caroline Forbes. At first look, she seemed self absorbed, yet unsure of herself, but since then she was turned into a vampire thanks to Katherine. Oddly enough, I think her being a vampire has given her more of a sense of purpose, and more faith in herself. Then there is Kat Graham who plays Bonnie Bennett the resident witch. At first she dabbled in some parlor tricks, but now she's holding some immense power but will they hold immense repercussions?? This show centers around Elena and the Salvatore Brothers and her family and friends. Although originally the brothers showed up in Mystic Falls once again for very separate reasons (Stefan to meet Elena, and Damon to free Katherine from her tomb), they have now regained some sense of brotherhood and are at the moment shooting for the same cause. Defying the odds and protecting Elena from Klause an original vampire with his own agenda. This show if full of action, mystery, excitement, romance, and leaves you begging for more. Definite much watch!

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