Friday, April 15, 2011

I was just remembering....

One of the funniest first impressions I think my sister ever made, when we crossed paths at my mom's house.  My ex and I were standing outside, waiting for her to arrive. All of the sudden, a small red car peels into the driveway.

My sister jumps out, grabs a bottle of something and starts spraying her car ferociously, while screaming "Die Bitches! DIE!"

I cock my head to the side, and I glance over at my ex. He is looking at her as though he was watching some insane mating ritual on the Discovery Channel.

I turn back to watch my sister, she finally slams her door, and runs her fingers through her hair. Then she puts on her sunglasses and walks over like she's about to do a red carpet interview. I ask her if she's alright. She looks over the top rim of her sunglasses, and says "an army of ants invaded my car, they were biting me all the way here." I started laughing. And, that's how you make a first impression.

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