Thursday, March 31, 2011

Candy with a purpose.

I adore gummi bears. I consider them stress relief. When I've had one of those conversations where later I think "I should've, would've, could've said this" I can act out a skit with my gummi bears and the conversation can go whatever way I choose. Your boss is being a jerk? Punch him in the face gummi bear style. Also, for those not so lovable people in your life such as The Ex, the rude chick at the restaurant, your neighbor who's always letting his dog crap on your lawn, or that incessant family member who never shuts up..there is my own special version of gummi bear voodoo. It's totally legal. Bite off a leg, a head, an arm, whatever tickles your fancy really. Or for those extra creative folks, melt your pseudo gummi in a fiery pit of whatever you have handy. So, if you're like me and non-violent for the most part, stock up on gummi's, and keep your sanity intact. Btw, when your child is screaming "Mom, I can't find my army dude!" gummy bears are a suitable replacement, through in a bag or two and a toothpick arsenal, and you have a platoon of bad-ass bears. Sometimes, you just have to make due.

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