Thursday, March 24, 2011


   When I first heard of Twitter I thought it sounded quite silly. The idea of people posting a sentence or so of what they were doing at that particular moment seemed uninteresting. Then one day I was completely bored (as it usually happens when u decide to hit the internet for a reprieve) so I decided to check it out and see if I could find the appeal. My very first follower was @Renee_Hey, and without her "tutoring" I don't think I would have fully grasped the entertainment value linked with Twitter. I immediately connected with her and some of her friends. We shared a kindred sense of  humor and unabashed sarcasm which in itself makes me smile. Finally, people who get me or at the very least that side of me. Btw, her partner in crime or the PB to her J as I like to call him is @Genosworld. He's quite the guy, a huge supporter of Carroll Center for The Blind. And, he has has a dedicated celebrity following on Twitter as well as his website Which brings me to my next tidbit, where else can a girl like me have an opportunity to connect with celebrities? If you're not living in Hollywood or making headlines scandalous or otherwise,  it's not happening. I have tweeted to a lot of famous folks, and actually had a few tweet back which is AWESOME!! Okay maybe I'm bragging a bit, but really wouldn't you? My first celeb follower was @RomanyMalco. Yep that's right Conrad from Weeds, Jay from 40 yr old Virgin, or George St. Cloud from No Ordinary Family his current t.v. role on ABC. Now, don't tell him this but when he first followed me, I followed him back and had no earthly idea who he was. I just thought he was some funny random dude worth tweeting. In hindsight, I do know him from all the roles I previously mentioned, but apparently I was having one of many "blonde moments" that tend to rear their ugly head every now and then. They do however make for good laughs. Nevertheless, there are a vast array of incredibly, amazing people on twitter. A lot of whom I follow, more that I have yet to meet. So this is an #FF to all the people that I follow because you've brought a little more enjoyment to my life with your 140 characters or less, and that in itself is quite an accomplishment. So even though I didn't mention you all by name, I'm sure at some point I will now that I have a blog going on. And, if you've always wondered why do people use twitter to post about the sandwich they just ate? There's much more worth exploring, besides that might be the best damn sandwich in the world. Oh yea, feel free to follow @poeticnstuff on there, so you can get to know me better. Maybe laugh at me, with me, whatever makes you happy.

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