Sunday, March 27, 2011

No Ordinary Family--No Ordinary Future

Last night there was a special airing of No Ordinary Family. I absolutely loved this episode. It was full of action, surprise, mystery, and empathy. Stephanie Powell discovered she had expanded abilities since being injected with the trilsettum serum. Time travel come hither. Unfortunately, she hasn't quite mastered putting on the brakes when returning, so she runs smack dab into a car. Katie hears her baby's heartbeat for the first time, then her future self is endangered by a cop with an attitude because she refuses to give up the location of her friends. Mr. Invincible as I like to call him a.k.a Jim Powell and bestie George St. Cloud (king of the lair) decide to do a little investigating of their own when they see a buddy murdered right in front of them. But, that inadvertently puts George's life in danger and the Powell's super secret on display in Times Square. Unless of course, Quick Chick a.k.a. Stephanie can stop the madness before it ends. Daphne Powell having told her boyfriend Chris of her family's super powers has to decide whether or not to erase that memory from his mind at her parents' urging. And, that special secret of her own that's been keeping her from having to do the dishes for 2 weeks is revealed.  Jim and Daphne save the day by thwarting the incorrigible detectives plans of eliminating George while he's delivering a eulogy. If the name wasn't already taken I'd dub J.J. Powell Mega Mind, because well he's Einstein reincarnate at least without many of the oddball quirks. So, I'll call him Brilliant Boy for now. Thank goodness, he helped Stephanie discover exactly what speed she'd need to travel to get the upper hand on what was coming. Not to mention the touching moment he shared with Daphne when she realized she had erased every memory Chris ever had of her, not what she intended. The sneak peek for next week's season finale looks promising. We finally see a glimpse of Dr. King's powers. And, I hear that big changes are in store for George. I believe this show has serious potential, so I hope that it sticks around for a second season. Matter of fact, I demand it does. It truly has such a talented cast. Julie Benz, Michael Chiklis, Romany Malco, Kay Panabaker, Autumn Reeser, Stephen Collins, and Jimmy Bennet all bring their characters that extra something special that's required to grab your attention. So don't miss out!! Oh, and ABC? Renew the show already, and expand on something great.

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